Record number of Ecology Campers this summer

Record number of Ecology Campers this summer

by Audra Walters

This summer, Lincoln Memorial Garden welcomed over 250 campers to its Ecology Camp: some experiencing it for the first time, others returning for even a seventh or eighth summer. Days were filled with learning, creating, exploring and playing.

While our youngest adventurers only spent half days at camp, the counselors packed in as much excitement as they could to share with the campers. They went on hikes in search of insects and other garden inhabitants, learned from EPA staff how to be good stewards of nature and closed out the week with water games and popsicles.

Older campers took part in activities revolving around the ecosystems found in the Garden: prairie, woodland, wetland and savanna. Campers worked together to build a water filter to clean polluted water, learned to classify insects, became skilled in identifying common birds in the area and found samples of what they ate, and practiced pointing out the parts of a tree and their functions. Some of the best memories the kids took home with them were unplanned. These included catching toads, inventing new games, digging in the mud with friends and trying to burn a leaf with a magnifying glass.

The continued success of our Ecology Camp program would not be possible without an amazing group of people. This group includes the counselors, junior counselors, volunteer activity leaders, t-shirt washers, generous financial donors and Garden staff. And, of course, the most important aspect of the camping program is always the campers and their families!


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